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Finding the Right Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

Every bedroom has its own unique style. In the master bedroom, the entire space is designed to be open, flowing, and airy. Glass doors enclose the open wardrobe, providing a bright and airy view of the way the bedroom is decorated. There is plenty of open space for clothes, shoes, and has space for several small drawers and baskets for small items that the owner does not want on display.

Bedrooms that are designed with a contemporary, minimalist style use sliding doors over open shelves, rather than large solid doors. The interior designer uses bright and crisp panels to create an airy and spacious effect. Sliding doors can also be used in bedrooms that have a high gloss, as the effect is much more refined and airy than the sliding doors of a traditional design.

An unusual, contemporary, and upscale touch for a bedroom is to have two separate wardrobes, one in the hallway outside the main bedroom, the other inside. One door opens into a large empty room, while the other opens into a closet with a mirrored ceiling and door. These wardrobes are separated by a high wall, but there is ample room for moving clothes as well as storage for folded clothing. These types of closets are ideal for children’s closets, where parents can keep children’s clothing until they are ready for the main bedroom. The children’s wardrobe is out of the way, yet accessible.

An unusual, yet functional concept for a bedroom wardrobe is to have mirrored, sliding doors on both sides of the doors leading into the master bedroom. This creates an illusion of space, as if the walls did not close in on the guests. Mirrored wood paneling is used on the doors and the panels slide to the side, providing shelving in the interior of the wardrobe. These types of wardrobes are ideal in a bedroom that has a larger number of sliding doors.

Some styles of wardrobe also have built in benches along the wall. These benches are designed to accommodate a bench night stand when the doors are opened, creating an easy grab and go convenience for dressing. Wardrobes with built in dressing tables are perfect for any size room that requires a place for the family to gather for evening dress rehearsals or simply to get dressed for work or a date. Built in dressing tables are a part of many designer wardrobes, as they add elegance to a room. They are usually made of wood and measure about 5 feet tall, making them the ideal size for a small apartment.

Another option in finding a wardrobe is to use a double door wardrobe instead of sliding doors. These are larger than traditional wardrobes and can accommodate both a bed and a dressing table. These are also available in many different styles and sizes and provide extra storage space. If you are in need of additional storage space, then a double wardrobe is the ideal choice.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Dream Wardrobe

A wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture in the bedroom. The wardrobe does it all, from the economical usage of space to improving the aesthetic allure of the most intimate room. Consequently, the choice of a wardrobe that perfectly resonates with your apparel needs, bedroom space, and aesthetic value can be challenging. There are a few tips to guide you on the roadmap to having your dream wardrobe to overcome this. These include:

Consider your storage needs

Whether upgrading from the current wardrobe or purchasing one afresh, the clothes you will store in the wardrobe are essential. The number of clothes you need to be stored and their types tops the list. Are they long dresses, skirts, trousers, or shirts and blouses? A wardrobe that consists primarily of dresses and formal wear, enough hanging space is critical, while that whose storage is mainly accessories, choice of many drawers is essential.

Free-standing vs. in-built wardrobes

Free-standing wardrobes confer the benefit of portability with minimal assembly and cost. In contrast, the in-built wardrobes are more economical regarding the bedroom space, finishes, and storage accessories customized to your preference. The free-standing wardrobes can be the two-door panel, three-door panels, sliding or hanging doors, or doorless wardrobes. Deciding on which free-standing or the in-built is a step closer to getting your dream wardrobe.

Consider the fittings that come with the wardrobe.

Some wardrobes come already fitted with a dressing mirror. The mirror improves the wardrobe’s functionality while adding an aesthetic touch to your bedroom, not to mention saving the space that a separate dressing mirror would occupy. Additionally, other accessories such as a built-in shoe rack, adjustable cubbyholes, and jewellery drawers will enhance the organizational layout and remove the need for extra furniture.

Consider your budget

Given that the acquisition of a more extensive wardrobe is coupled with a higher price tag, you need to decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the new wardrobe. Settling on a specific budget helps you narrow your spectrum of choice to the best wardrobe within that range. The delivery fee, cost of assembly, and return if you are dissatisfied with the wardrobe can offset your budget, and thus you should factor them in your budget. Check out Tylko bespoke wardrobe. They offer free professional delivery services, a free-of-charge and stress assembly on ordering a custom-made wardrobe, and a full money-back guarantee within 100 days if you change your mind on the wardrobe choice. This will help you stay on your budget and gives you more freedom with the price range.